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GT Studio: Stability

The key to achieving the best surround sound experience is placing surround speakers equidistant, on either side of, and behind listeners. Speaker stands versus tabletop or mounted speakers are ideal for creating this experience.  Stability of the stands is essential, especially if you have small children or large pets in your home.   I’M ALL ABOUT THAT BASE The weight...

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GT Studio: Design

SONOS has spent a lot of time and attention making speakers that not only sound great and are easy to use, but that also look great and blend well in any home.   We build on the SONOS design philosophy to present stands that are as elegant as the speakers they were designed to complement. BABY GOT BACK  Of the speaker...

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GT Studio: Acoustics

Speaker stands are essential to achieving optimum acoustics with your SONOS speakers in your home.   Speaker stands are superior to tabletop, bookshelf or wall-mounted speakers.   This short tutorial will explain why. STAND BY ME  Because mid-range and treble frequencies are highly directional, speakers work best when placed equidistant, on either side of, and behind listeners at ear height (34").   All...

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About GT Studio

At GT Studio, our goal is to use superior design to create accessories that are as sleek and elegant as the SONOS products they work with.   Upholding the fundamental design principle, "form follows function," we strive to produce items that seamlessly match the design aesthetic and colors of SONOS. We understand that the items we sell are not just...

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