Speaker stands are essential to achieving optimum acoustics with your SONOS speakers in your home.   Speaker stands are superior to tabletop, bookshelf or wall-mounted speakers.   This short tutorial will explain why.

Because mid-range and treble frequencies are highly directional, speakers work best when placed equidistant, on either side of, and behind listeners at ear height.   All three of these conditions must be met to achieve proper surround sound effects with the SONOS PLAY:1.


Placing speakers too close to a flat surface will cause your bass to echo off the surface and distort your listening experience.   Bookshelves are like sonic caves for your speakers, and are especially unsuitable.

Placing the SONOS PLAY: 1 on a bookshelf or a side table can cause the surfaces or other objects on the surface to rattle, diminishing your sound quality.  The GT Studio STAND: 1 isolates the speakers with an EVA rubber O-ring on the mounting surface and rubber feet on the base to prevent vibration, ensuring you enjoy maximum sound fidelity and hear the music exactly as it is meant to be heard. 


SONOS has spent a lot of time and attention making speakers that not only sound great and are easy to use, but that also look great and blend well in any home.   We build on the SONOS design philosophy to present stands that are as elegant as the speakers they were designed to complement.

Of the speaker stands designed for the SONOS PLAY:1 currently on the market, only the STAND:1 has a cover on the back of the neck that completely hides the network cable, power cord and mounting screw.   And with no protruding bracket, our patented design looks like it belongs next to your sofa, not next to your router.

 EBONY AND IVORY  The STAND:1 seamlessly matches the colors and finish of the SONOS PLAY:1, both in black and white.

PLUG IN BABY  Best-in-class cord  placement ensures you never see a cord until it emerges from the base on the way to the power socket.   Not only do we cover the neck area, we also cover the hole in the base with a matching superfine satin finish plug that blends into the rest of the stand.


The key to achieving the best surround sound experience is placing surround speakers equidistant, on either side of, and behind listeners. Speaker stands versus tabletop or mounted speakers are ideal for creating this experience.  Stability of the stands is essential, especially if you have small children or large pets in your home.
The weight and shape of the speaker stand base determines its stability. At over 6lbs, the base of the STAND:1 is the heaviest of any stand designed for the SONOS PLAY:1.   And, with a wide footprint and interchangeable rubber feet and carpet spikes, you can rest easy that the stand will remain upright, no matter what type of floors you have in your home.



BACK IT UP  It’s ideal to tuck the base of the stand under a couch.   If your couch has an angled back, a stand with a vertical stem often hits the top of the couch, preventing the base from sliding under.   The patented design of the STAND:1 includes an unique angled stem that can conform to the back of any couch, even ones with angled backs, so you always have a backup. 


DOWN LOW  The higher the base weight to stem/neck weight ratio, the lower the center of gravity, and the more stable the stand.   With an extra-heavy base, and a aluminum stem and neck cast from an extra light alloy, the STAND:1 offers the lowest center of gravity of any wi-fi speaker stand on the market today.


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