GT Studio: Design

SONOS has spent a lot of time and attention making speakers that not only sound great and are easy to use, but that also look great and blend well in any home.   We build on the SONOS design philosophy to present stands that are as elegant as the speakers they were designed to complement.

  Of the speaker stands designed for the SONOS PLAY:1 currently on the market, only the STAND:1 has a cover on the back of the neck that completely hides the network cable, power cord and mounting screw.   And with no protruding bracket, our patented design looks like it belongs next to your sofa, not next to your router.

EBONY AND IVORY  The STAND:1 seamlessly matches the colors and finish of the SONOS PLAY:1, both in black and white.  

PLUG IN BABY  Best-in-class cord  placement ensures you never see a cord until it emerges from the base on the way to the power socket.   Not only do we cover the neck area, we also cover the hole in the base with a matching superfine satin finish plug that blends into the rest of the stand.

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