Q: I live in Canada, Mexico or Australia. Do you ship there and how much is the shipping cost. 
If you are buying from Canada, Mexico or Australia the best price is available through our Amazon listing. Follow this link directly to our Amazon listing.

Q: Do I need additional hardware to mount my SONOS PLAY:1 to these, or is that included?
A: Everything you need is included, including the proper sized bolts.
Q: What tools do I need to assemble the stands?
A: The only tool you need supply is a Phillips head screwdriver. See assembly instructions below (Allen wrench supplied).



Q: I see that the stand itself is 37" high, but the recommended height is 34".  What's the deal?
A: Most speaker stands support the speaker from the bottom, we support from the rear.   The distance from the bottom of the speaker to the floor is 34", so we are functionally equivalent to a 34" stand.

Q: Can you use these on carpet?
A: Yes, you can.   They have spikes that you put on the base to keep them in place.
Q: Can you mount a PLAY:3 speaker on them?
A: Yes, you can, but only in the vertical position.


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